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Day 4 Agenda-EiB to lead
8:20Find room and take seats0:10VIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
8:30Multiple breakout groups to further define & document plan for changes to implement as a result of this workshopMichael Quinn4:00VIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
8:30Group 1: GLDCStella/Eng/BoukarVIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
8:30Group 2: RiceVenu/GeorgeVIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
8:30Group 3: RTBIsmail/Michael QVIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
8:30Group 4: MaizeBaffour/Mike OVIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
10:15Coffee/Tea break0:20
10:35Group 1: GLDCStella/Eng/BoukarVIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
10:35Group 2: RiceVenu/GeorgeVIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
10:35Group 3: RTBIsmail/Michael QVIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
10:35Group 4: MaizeBaffour/Mike OVIGNA, MUSA, MANIHOT
13:30Implementation follow up plansMichael Quinn1:20
Group 1: GLDCStella/Eng/Boukar0:20VIGNA
Group 2: RiceVenu/George0:20VIGNA
Group 3: RTBIsmail/Michael Q0:20VIGNA
Group 4: MaizeBaffour/Mike O0:20VIGNA
14:50Fill in feedback form for the workshopStar Gao0:30VIGNA
15:20Coffee/Tea BreakIITA to organize0:20VIGNA
15:40Invite sharing feedbackMichael Quinn1:00VIGNA
16:40Future workshopMichael Quinn0:15VIGNA
16:55Closing remarksIITA DG/DDG0:10VIGNA