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LocationSan Diego, CA

VenueMarina Village: Catalina Room, 1930 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109

Contact: Star: 608/416-0523 and/or Liz: 607-793-4062

DatesTimeTopicsModeratorsDurationPresentation (PDF)

8.00 AM Opening remarks & house keeping informationRajeev / Mike15 mins

Module 3 Session: HPTG update, user feedback, and requirements

8.15 AMHTPG 2020 update Rajaguru30 mins

8.45 AMUser feedback for HTPG & path forward (15 mins each)
 IRRI - Mayee
 ICRISAT - Rajeev Gupta
 CIMMYT - Mike or Susanne                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Ana60 mins

CIMMYT HTPG presentation - PAG2020.pdf

HTPG presentation_FINAL_IIRRI_ PAG2020.pdf


9:45 AMBreak
25 mins

10:10 AMEiB Module 3 2020 strategy + Mid density platfrom updateEng Hwa20 mins

10:30 AMUser feedback session
 Rice pilot use case-Damien- 20 mins
 Potato pilot use case-Hannele- 20 mins
Andzrej40 mins

11:10 AMSample submission and data reporting requirements (Presentation + Q&A)
 - Intertek to present order form and reporting template- Milcah (15 mins)
 - Open forum on system integration
Petra50 mins

12:00 PMLunch
60 mins

13:00-15:00Module 5 Session: Showcase Module 3/Module 5 activities integration and marker toolsKelly120 mins

13:00Overview GOBii marker portal tools and integrationLiz15 mins

13:15Data QC, GOBii-KDC end-to-end demoAndrew15 mins

13:30GOBiit-FJ batch analysis end-to-end demoCarlos15 mins

13:45GOBii-Galaxy end-to-end demo with wheat GS use caseUmesh15 minsGalaxy GS demo Umesh Rosyara

14:00GS analysis ISMU demo (GOBii, BMS)Abhishek15 mins

14:15Enterprise Breeding System UpdateStar15 mins

14:30Chickpea genomic selection use caseManish15 mins

14:45Sorghum genomic selection use caseHima15 mins

25 mins

15:30-17:00Breakout on requirements and future module 3/5 activities (Walking gallery group activities, flip charts, and groups rotating every 20 mins)Star90 mins

15:30Group 1: Decision Support Tools RequirementsSantosh/Josh

Group 2: Sampling, Genotyping Technologies, Services, Logistics RequirementsHima/Eng

Group 3: Adoption and Engagement PlanningAbhishek/Mike/Liz

16:30Report backLiz30 mins


17:10Uber back to Hotel Circle