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This is a general overview, and contains subpages with deeper dives into specific facets of overall system design.

As the core system ­of GOBii product, the front end of GOBii Genotype Data Manager (GDM) consists of data loader, file systems, data extract, and email notification.

Data Loader:

Data Extractor:

The backend overall system architecture include five operation stacks as 1) presentation, 2) service, 3) business, 4) data access, and 5) databases layers. 1) The presentation layer includes data loader and data extract user interfaces. 2) The web service layer communicates between digester and data access layers through web service calls. 3) The business layer, as digester, transforms, converts, and send instructions to access and process data in the formats or sizes that data can be efficiently loaded or extracted. 4) Communication between digesters and the data access layer is facilitated through batch processing and/or file writing software cron jobs in the data access layer. 5) The last layer is databases, where meta data and genotype matrix datasets are respectively stored in postgress and HDF5. GOBii system diagrams illustrates the layered architecture.


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