Date: July 22, 2019

Time: 10:00-11:00 (EST)

Cornell University/BTI


Organizer: Kate Dreher (CIMMYT) <>

Host: Thomas HAGEN (CIMMYT) <>

Time: Monday, July 22, 10-11am (US Eastern time) 

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Speaker 1: Jahzeel Ramos (IRRI) <

Time: 10-10:30am (EST)

Title 1: EiB Sabbatical – Automated UI Testing Framework

Description: Overview from EiB Sabbatical last November 2018 held in BTI, Cornell University, Ithaca New York. The objective of the Sabbatical was to implement an Automated UI testing framework both for GOBii and B4R.

Speaker 2: Pagtananan, Dolores (IRRI) <>

Time: 10:30-11:00am (EST)

Title 2:  Breeding4Result (B4R) Quality Control Process

Description: The hows and whys of introducing and implementing a quality control testing process (Passed QCT) in the B4R development workflow.

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