Date: June 10, 2019

Time: 10:00-11:00 (EST)



Organizer: Kate  Dreher, <>

Host: Kate Dreher, Data Manager, CIMMYT

Speaker: Dr. David Guerena, Systems Agronomist, CIMMYT, <>

Title: Learn by doing: An unexpected journey from soil science to data science across three continents

Here are some of the links asked at the webinar and David provided as below:

Here is the link to the housing and cropland map that David Guerena’s team produced for Nepal. 

 Here is the link to the hand-held spectrometer.

Time: Monday, June 10, 10-11am (US Eastern time)

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Description: Implementing good methodologies and tools to facilitate data capture, curation, utilization, and sharing is a common goal across many disciplines within agricultural research and breeding organizations. Some of the data management and data science techniques employed in this work at CIMMYT will be described. These include 1) building a soil and fertilizer information system for Nepal and 2) facilitating image-based biotic stress evaluation through a machine learning-linked crowd-sourcing platform.

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