Invited and sponsored by Shenyang Agricultural University, Star Gao, Kelly Robbins, and Kate Dreher held the first GOBii and EiB genomic breeding workshop in China August 6-8. Over 70 participants attended the plenary session August 6. Kelly and Star gave overview on EiB and GOBii project. Breeders and data scientists, representing a dozen institutes and private companies, convened at Shenyang Agricultural University and engaged in the GOBii data loader demonstration, extractor, sample tracker from Kate, BGLR script walk-through from Kelly, and genomic selection-Galaxy analysis pipeline from Star, and hands-on training of Flapjack from Kate. The workshop concluded with a half day panel discussion on future collaboration, tool adoption, and implementation strategies on August 8th. Jiafa Chen, from Henan Agricultural University, who worked at CIMMYT previously, said “GOBii needs to support Chinese on GOBii tools’ user interface. If we can master Flapjack and GS-Galaxy tools, our molecular and genomic breeding analysis needs should be met.”