The week long event was sponsored by EiB, BTI, HTPG, BCBC, GOBii and Cornell University and hosted by Next Generation Casava, GOBii and BCBC with 19 participants from IITA,USDA, CIAT, International Potato Center, Africa Rice, ICARDA, Agrosavia, Univ. of British Columbia and Plant and Food in New Zealand.

Together with the BCBCGOBiiCassavabase, and Cornell University, BTI recently hosted a fall workshop titled “Transforming Breeding through Integrated Data Management and Analysis”.  Attendees from around the globe gathered in Ithaca for a week-long intensive course featuring keynote speakers, workshops, and training sessions.

The workshop featured daily plenary keynote lectures by world renowned experts, hands-on training on the state-of-the-art systems and tools, and customer-driven consulting on strategy and applications. Broad range topics, including data management systems; tracking breeding activities and materials from fields, labs, to data management and analysis; genotyping technologies, vendors, bioinformatics analysis tools and pipelines, marker and genomic breeding applications, were taught. Among those from America, participants traveled to Ithaca, NY from nine other countries: Canada, Kenya, Peru, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Colombia, New Zealand, Lebanon, and Belgium.

“The goal of the workshop was to introduce the vision and road map of fully integrated data management and decision support, provide available open…(click on the link to read more)