Genomic Open-source Breeding informatics initiative

Who We Are

We are a team of developers, molecular breeders, statisticians, bioinformaticists and breeders with a rich experience in managing data and applying genomic technologies to improve breeding. We are the first large-scale public-sector effort with the goal to systematically apply high-density genotypic information to the breeding of staple crops in the developing world. Initially the focus is on rice, wheat, maize, sorghum and chickpea in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The genomic data management systems will include databases, imputation systems, and decision support tools for plant breeders.

To build open-source genomic data management and analysis tools to enable breeders to implement genomic and marker-assisted selection as part of their routine breeding programs.

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Cornell newspaper article on GOBii Project: New genomic tools help improve staple crops worldwide
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Jan 15 EiB 3/5 Workshop in San Diego, CA

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Multi-institutes and projects joined force in Japan and China showcasing systems, tools, and services offered…
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